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Yesterday on WECK 1230-AM

31 Mar

I joined Corey Griswold for the free-wheeling, mid-day local micro-talk show “1230 at 12:30” to discuss the Partnership for Public Spaces’ remarkable PowerPoint presentaion and the power of 10 and how we prioritize matters in this city.

At 4pm, Brad Riter and Chris Smith interviewed Green Party candidate in NY-26 Ian Murphy.  Murphy is running what has long been my dream campaign – substance mixed with snark. He has a finely honed and profane disdain for things that suck and are stupid, and an articulate passion for things that he believes to be important.

Remember how a week or so ago, New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg said something about how Buffalo wishes it had our problems? I didn’t do a post about it because I knew that the usual local suspects would express outrageous outrage while ignoring the fact that, to a certain degree Bloomberg was absolutely right.  Not that we wish we had an overcrowded and overpriced island of millions, but that we have a crisis of too much supply and not enough demand, while New York has the exact opposite.

New York Magazine asked Murphy about this, because frankly what else is a New York City-based journalist going to ask someone from Buffalo at this time?

Mayor Bloomberg recently apologized for saying that Buffalo is full of empty space and implying that it was not a very enticing place to live. Apology accepted?
No, he shouldn’t apologize for that. Buffalo fucking sucks. And everyone here knows it. There’s a lot of good things about Buffalo, but it is full of empty space, it’s full of urban decay, everyone’s leaving, and instead of putting on a cheery, happy face and denying it, let’s admit it to ourselves and make it better, yeah?

How do you think saying “Buffalo sucks” is going to go over with people who live in Buffalo?
Well, Buffalo’s not in my district, so Buffalo can kiss my ass.

Oh, I thought you had some northern suburbs of Buffalo in there.
Ah, we do, we do. I mean, I love Buffalo. I grew up here, and you better write that there’s a lot of good things about it because there is. But there are a lot of problems. There are a lot of empty buildings, there is a lot of empty space, and there are not a lot of economic opportunities. That’s one of the reasons I am running, is to bring that to the region. I don’t think that’s something to apologize for. I mean, did he apologize for calling Irish people drunks yet? Did he do that?

He kind of gave a half apology.
I was about three fifths into my bottle of scotch when I read that, and I was eating my potatoes, and, uh … I was mightily upset.

So you didn’t have a problem with that.
No, I think it was just a joke that didn’t go over, and I think people are just way too thin-skinned about everything.

Indeed. Murphy is absolutely right that Buffalo needs to stop strutting around like a peacock, pretending like it’s on exactly the right track, when the objective evidence proves the exact opposite.  While Mayor Brown whinges about being “pissed” about Bloomberg’s response, he should instead be focused on slowing – if not reversing – the precipitous decline of the city over which he presides. There’s civic pride, and then there’s mindless cheerleading. We need less of the latter.

Bringing us back to the WECK theme, when this Bloomberg thing became “news”, I talked with Brad Riter about it.  Fast Forward to 20:35.

WECK Birthday Bash This Friday

23 Mar

This Friday, our partner radio station, WECK1230, is celebrating their third birthday.  WECK has spent three years building a hometown radio alternative in WNY featuring local hosts like Brad Riter, Nick Mendola, Lorraine O’Donnell, Tom Donahue, Bill O’Loughlin and many others.  To celebrate three years of being in business and on the air, WECK is hosting a party for their listeners at Hucklebuckets on Sheridan Drive in Amherst.

The Sabres will be on the big screen and NCAA basketball games will also be on the screens around the restaurant throughout the night.

The party starts with a live broadcast of The Late Nick Mendola Program featuring a listener who intends to take on the Hucklebuckets food challenge, called “The Dumper“.   The Dumper is a burger which features a full pound of certified angus beef, stuffed with ultra sharp cheddar cheese, six more cheeses, bacon, chili, pulled pork, two fried eggs over easy, guacamole, onion rings, fresh cut fries, froggy skins, jalapeno, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and huckleberry bar-b-que.

After that spectacle of food eating goes down, Jeremy Hoyle of Strictly Hip will play for the crowd and there will be food and drink specials as well as prize giveaways and wine tastings.

There’s a Facebook invite for the event, so click on that if you’re so inclined.  Otherwise, just show up and have some beers and a good time.

The Buffalo Beast’s Ian Murphy

24 Feb

Here is the Buffalo Beast’s Ian Murphy on MSNBC last night:


He also appeared on Corey Griswold’s 1230 at 12:30 on WECK 1230-AM yesterday afternoon. (WECK’s main competitor merely regurgitated an AP wire story about a LOCAL story.

The WECK Manifesto

16 Feb

Sorry for two WECK-related posts in as many days, but it’s not every day a local media outlet declares all-out war on another. It’s not every day someone publicly displays some hustle; some fire in the belly.  It’s not every day that David takes it upon himself to trash-talk and challenge Goliath. It’s not every day that a small, local upstart takes a fight directly to its competitor.  This was blowing Twitter up locally yesterday, and it deserves your consideration.

But that’s exactly what WECK 1230-AM’s new program director, Brad Riter, did yesterday.  He declared war on WGR, WBEN, and Entercom, and pledged to grow WECK by focusing on local hosts and local programming, Dennis Miller contractually notwithstanding.  The response he’s received has been enthusiastically positive. Seems as if people are looking for quality local programming.

Have a listen to the declaration of his manifesto.


When Bill Met Sally

15 Feb

Last month, we brought you an audio montage of WECK 1230-AM’s Bill O’Loughlin talking about choo choo trains.

Today, an anonymous listener forwarded on “when Bill met Sally”.  It features the scene from “When Harry Met Sally” you’re undoubtedly thinking of, so the audio may be somewhat NSFW.

Bill’s regular show can be heard weekdays on WECK 1230-AM and online at WECK.com between 9 – 11 am.  He doesn’t scream at you, and he doesn’t hang up on callers, even when challenged. He has the cerebral fortitude to defend his positions.


When Bill Met Sally (audio link)

[audio:https://s3.amazonaws.com/wnymedia-cdn/files/2011/02/When-Bill-Met-Sally.mp3|titles=When Bill Met Sally]

Riter Radio & Hassan

27 Jan

In case you missed my talks with Brad Riter on WECK 1230-AM regarding the Hassan trial:

January 24, 2011

January 25, 2011

January 26, 2011

Bill O’Loughlin and the Choo-Choo Train

20 Jan

If you’re not listening to Bill O’Loughlin’s “talk radio the way it oughtta be” on WECK 1230-AM from 9-11 weekdays, you’re missing out.  Aside from the fact that he doesn’t pack his show with ghost stories and seditious hate speech, he’s got a distinctive delivery and prides himself on taking topics on occasional tangential journeys.  His live ads for Russell’s Steaks, Chops & More are downright hypnotic.

Seriously, it should be our goal to make his show an ironic cult favorite among Buffalo’s under-30 hipster set.

One of his loyal fans put together this “Choo choo train” montage, and it offers up a sampling of the above. Enjoy.

[audio:https://s3.amazonaws.com/wnymedia-cdn/files/2011/01/choo-choo-train.mp3|titles=choo choo train]

WNYMedia.net & WECK 1230 Election Night Coverage & Liveblog

2 Nov

Since we haven’t promoted it enough, be sure to tune in to Hometown WECK 1230-AM (or click here for the audio feed worldwide) where Brad Riter will host our election night coverage with Chris Smith, Brian Castner, and me.  Nick Mendola may also stop in for a bit, and we’ll be joined by loads of guests.  You can also follow along on #WNYVOTES on Twitter if you can stomach hashtags, and the liveblog will be here.  We may even take some calls at 716-783-WECK.

We’re scheduled to start at 9pm when polls close, but WECK will be broadcasting a Canisius hockey game which may go long.  We’ll be on the air as soon as it’s over.

The turnout in WNY may reveal an interesting night for a lot of tight local races.



2 Nov

This was, I think, the very best election season since I started the blog.  It’s not every day we have a statewide race being run by a local fella, and it’s even more rare that the local fella is an obnoxious sanctimonious oaf with an impulse control problem (Very Silly Party).

Today is election day.  Please, go out and vote.  If you don’t know where you’re supposed to go vote, use this handy tool (language NSFW).  The WNYMedia.net list of endorsements is here.

And tonight, every single media outlet in Buffalo will pay some washed-up ex-politico to opine without drooling. The only exception will be WECK 1230-AM, where Chris Smith, Brian Castner, and I will join Brad Riter from about 9pm.  We’ll talk with some candidates and discuss where WNY is headed for the next couple of years.  Listen online here at WNYMedia.net, or on the actual radio.

Also, this.


WNYVotes 2010: on WECK 1230-AM

1 Nov

Join WNYMedia.net’s Chris Smith, Brian Castner, WECK 1230-AM’s Brad Riter, and me on Tuesday night at 9pm as we watch and discuss the results of the 2010 election.  This isn’t online streaming – this is actual, bonafide radio.  Although we will be offering the show via streaming audio here at WNYMedia.net.

We’ve got a great slate of guests lined up (Higgins, Gillibrand, Slaughter, Kennedy, and more) to call in to discuss and spin what’s happening, and our coverage will guarantee 100% less Giambra, will be 99% Crangle-free, and packed with dismissive snark.  You can also follow the #WNYVotes hashtag on Twitter.

The fun starts around 9pm on Tuesday November 2nd.