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So, Who’s Texting BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray?

6 Aug

Which Buffalo BuzzFeed fan was texting Rosie Gray out of the clear blue sky last night, telling her how beautiful she looked on the teevee? 

So, who locally has a Verizon cellphone with 716-713-6xxx, and how soon before we make Forbes’ “top 10 cities with creepy Luddite would-be sexters”? 

They Come Out of Piñatas?

30 Jul

Quite possibly the best caption ever. Thanks, Roll Call.


16 Oct

A boy named Falcon, whose parents once appeared on a show I refuse to watch called “Wife Swap” supposedly took off in a weather balloon he and his dad had built yesterday. The nation watched as the balloon floated about 50 miles before touching down in a field, thinking all along that a terrified 6 year old boy was inside and in great danger.

Turns out the kid was hiding at home the whole time, and the family is now deflecting allegations that the whole thing was a publicity stunt.

Oh, and here’s a “music video” Falcon participated in called “Not Pussified”. Alrighty then.


Ooga Booga

14 May

Well, clearly this explains everything.


7 May

Here is, verbatim, a blog post that Jim Ostrowski wrote regarding Mickey Kearns’ announcement that he’s running for Mayor of Buffalo:

Mickey Kearns will announce for Buffalo Mayor today at 5pm at the Casino in Delaware Park.

Mickey has a huge edge over the incumbent: a pulse.

The rest is a book ready to be written but he was right in opposing the Route 5 atrocity that Brian Higgins and his union buddies hoisted on us.

Union buddies? WTF union buddies?

Add this to the Abercrollisterpostale Catalog

25 Apr

The Craigslist Killer is on suicide watch and is being held in a smock called a “Ferguson”. I never heard of such a thing, and the New York Daily News was kind enough to provide a graphic of it. Here’s the pic they chose:

Weirdest. Quote. Ever.

26 Jan

County Legislator Betty Jean Grant reports:

“I had a couple of drug dealers tell me that they aren’t going to use the N word anymore,” she reports. “They told me they are going to call all African-Americans ‘Obamas’ now because that’s what we all are. That was really remarkable to me because it tells me that things are really changing thanks to Barack.”

I don’t even know where to go with that.

O Hai Mk.2

6 Jan

Is this cool or crazy annoying? I think it’s a bit of both.