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Canal HSBC Bass Side Pro

4 Aug

When HSBC decides that it’s had enough of this horrifically economically, socially, and politically myopic and silly place we call home, there will be fewer people around to eat at taco trucks, take a horsey ride in Delaware Park, buy art, drink beer, buy wings, etc. ad infinitum.

It’s good that we’ve elected a preschool class to run things.

In the end, I like the make-believe Buffalo better than the real one.

I like the make-believe Buffalo where I leave my gorgeous waterfront apartment along the outer harbor in the Uniland development there, and take the Metro Rail to downtown. I’ll get off at the Canal Side/Adelphia Tower stop and grab a cup of coffee at Canal Side along the way. Maybe at lunchtime, I’ll grab a sandwich at a trendy lunch spot and browse the aisles of Bass Pro because I need some sort of outdoorsy, firearmy, nautical gear of some sort. On the weekend, I can take my kids to the weather museum.

Pretty soon, HSBC may very well be a make-believe entity in Buffalo.

The land of make-believe rocks, and it’s run by a king with a talking cat.