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Trifecta of Buffalo Win

17 Nov

Win #1: Dick Jauron is fired. This ranks as one of Mr. Jauron’s few wins in Buffalo.

Win #2: Buffalo Common Councilman Brian Davis pleads guilty to misdemeanors relating to improper conversion of campaign funds, and there is also an investigation or two going on with respect to the One Sunset debacle (or as I like to call it, Stokesgate). By pleading guilty, Davis has most likely also forfeited his elected office. Win.

Win #3: The people of the town of Hamburg have voted overwhelmingly to downsize their town board. This is the fifth and largest town to take this action since Kevin Gaughan first began agitating for this sort of reduction in the size of local governments a few years ago. As for the overwhelming support for downsizing in Hamburg, as opposed to closer votes elsewhere, it’s amazing what a difference it makes when the supervisor is on board and the town don’t actively thwart the vote.