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PolitiFAIL Final Four, WNY Voters vs. Chris Collins

31 Mar

Here it is the final four, and the voters of WNY find ourselves up against a nouveau riche weasel who goes out of his way to screw the little guy day in and day out.

Collins was the top seed in the county bracket, and sure enough, here he is, playing the 4th local seed.  The WNY Voter has defeated such remarkable failures as Steve Pigeon and Andrew Rudnick.  That’s no small feat.  That’s a massive upset.

But consider the fact that Collins wouldn’t be a household name were it not for the WNY Voter.  The WNY Voter let Giambra before him get away with shoving the county’s head down the toilet and flushing over and over.  All of these elected people on the original bracket owe their political existence to the WNY Voter.

We’ve repeated Collins’ misdeeds over and over.  He’s a petty technocrat who, like his overwhelming white, suburban political base, doesn’t give a shit about the city or its poors.  Oh, they may “care” by, e.g., allowing the United Way to withdraw a few bucks out of every paycheck.  But in an overarching socioeconomic way, the Collins types figure urban problems just get solved by a few feel-good drop-offs of cans at a suburban Tops for the Food Bank of WNY.

Collins’ policies hurt the poorest and most vulnerable in our society.  The ones who need help the most.  The ones who are powerless, who have nothing, who are more likely than not represented by feckless wastes who concern themselves more with Machiavellian power plays than with applying 21st century solutions to late 20th century problems.

But the voter – we, as voters – we continually settle for mediocrity.

You know why Collins won? Because the other side put up Jim fucking Goddamned Keane to run for county executive.  I mean, why not just run a guy named Hacky McPatronagejob?  If the Democrats had run a candidate who didn’t make Dale Volker look like a forward-thinking go-getter, maybe the result would have been different.

While other people in other parts of the country strive for excellence, we struggle for adequacy.  Dale Volker hasn’t been in elected office since 1973 by accident.  Antoine Thompson didn’t win an uncontested election last year by a fluke. Byron Brown didn’t win by a landslide by mistake, and he didn’t run unopposed in November by chance.

All of these things happen because the average voter lets them.

Whether it’s the semi-informed ignoramus who listens to the Sandy Bauerle show, or the professional who carefully reads the paper, it doesn’t take much to get involved.  I may not agree with a single solitary thing the tea partiers stand for, but at least they’re trying to effect change they believe in.  Would that everyone did that.  Would that everyone took as much of an interest in political matters as they do with the goings-on of the Sabres and Bills.  We’d all be better off as a community.

Sports teams aren’t what make a city or a region a major-league place; a contender.

In this match-up, you have to decide from a FAIL standpoint: do we select the Six Sigma poindexter who puts the poors in a closet?  Or do we select the real culprits behind Collins’, Brown’s, Thompson’s, Volker’s, Maziarz’s, Howard’s, etc., ascension to elected office?

For the most part, our public servants aren’t.