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Bob McCarthy’s Sleep Number is “Laurels”

8 Aug

When Bob McCarthy unprofessionally attacks one WNYMedia.net writer for having a pecuniary bias, he attacks us all.  I commented at the News’ site:

If the “Buffalo News” has ever received a dime that’s recorded at the BOE, McCarthy will look foolish. I know for a fact he didn’t contact Chris Smith, who received not a dime from Poloncarz, directly or through WNYMedia.net, thus rendering this second-hand non-story as lazy as it is full of implied pecuniary bias.

I won’t re-hash what Chris S., Marc, and Chris C. have already wrote. Instead, I direct you to this passage in McCarthy’s column:

But not over at WNY Media Network, where Smith toils. More important to the network, apparently, is the $3,750 Poloncarz paid to WNY Media Network for website design and video editing, according to state campaign finance records. In fact, the same records show WNY Media Network has handled Poloncarz’s video campaign for years.

Some local bloggers receive money from politicians. The Politics Column does not — and that says it all.

The implication is that Chris had a pecuniary interest to write about how lazy Bob McCarthy was in his reporting on the Poloncarz campaign, and that, but for the kingly ransom of $3,750, Smith would not have gone after McCarthy for his “Stefan wrote it for me” he said/she said regurgitation of Collins’ talking points.

The “Buffalo News” has been on the receiving end of $193,981.38 of various and sundry campaign expenditures between 2000 – 2011.  Another $64,289.02 was paid to “The Buffalo News”, leaving a grand total of $258,270.40.

By McCarthy’s own clumsy accusation, each time he wrote about any of the candidates who spent money to advertise with the Buffalo News; e.g., Sam Hoyt, Robin Schimminger, George Maziarz, etc., he should have disclosed the pecuniary bias he had in doing so.  Advertising bucks paid to the Buffalo News keeps Bob McCarthy in repurposed Century 21 blazers, whereas I never saw a penny of Poloncarz’s website & video payments to Marc Odien.

To be clear – I am not accusing Bob McCarthy of being on the take. There are two local websites who compete for dollars from candidates, and make promises about editorial direction that are dependent on those dollars (or lack thereof). Neither WNYMedia.net nor the Buffalo News are among those websites. To suggest that we are just like them is false and defamatory; to suggest that we are just like them without taking the time to check your facts, if you’re the sole paper’s sole political reporter/columnist, is a lazy dereliction of duty.

Bob McCarthy isn’t some blogger who writes tens of thousands of words’ worth of content for free. He is a well-paid newspaper journalist. People know we have a bias, and they read our content with that understanding. On the other hand, people assume that what Bob McCarthy runs with in the paper is fed to him by insiders, and that he then checks his facts.

In this instance, politicsny.net ran with the “Poloncarz paid WNYMedia.net” charge, and Bob McCarthy checked the BOE website and ran the story in the paper. Usually, I would agree that McCarthy wouldn’t have to double-check whether WNYMedia.net  got the money he says we did. It’s right there in the disclosure. But when he concludes with “Some local bloggers receive money from politicians” that’s something he should have checked with Chris about, first.

I’m not a supporter of Democrats and Democratic politics because someone paid me to be, but because I think that the Republicans, their policies, and their ideology are largely wrong.

Do I think Bob McCarthy or his ingeniously named “The Politics Column” is being paid by campaigns to slant his coverage? No.

Do I think Bob McCarthy is lazy, and will print whatever his handful of sources hand him on a silver platter? Hell, it’s not even that hard to figure out who his sources are. For all I know, he’s got politicsny.net on speed-dial.

I’ve had a handful of dealings with Bob in my time here. Interestingly, he never deigned to interview me when I ran for office, leaving that to Steve Watson, who was covering online goings-on. We’ve slammed him for laziness before. When Mark Grisanti voted for same-sex marriage, we were interested in how he came to change his vote. Bob McCarthy wanted to know about inside baseball “who wins, who loses” party politics.  When current Attorney General Eric Schneiderman appeared at a campaign stop last year with Mark Poloncarz, Bob asked him to comment on some BS story that the partisan New York Post had printed about him. He prints what people give him, but fails to examine whether it’s true, or whether it matters.  Over and over  and over again.

In 2008, the Davis campaign handed to Bob McCarthy a completely false story that then-congressional candidate Jon Powers had run his charity into the ground, and that he got arrested for cursing at a police officer in Ohio. McCarthy’s willingness to be a transcription service for campaigns who would give him something to write about became quite evident, and colors many people’s perception of him to this day.

We’ve even specifically discussed in the past, charges that the Buffalo News’ most mustachioed political reporter might be on the take. (We don’t think he is).

Hell, he gets invited to big-ticket Republican confabs and just uncritically transcribes what attendees tell him.

I’ve even established a law of local politics. It’s called Powers’ Law:

If you’re a political candidate, and you get a call from the Buffalo News’ Bob McCarthy, and he informs you that he’s going to run a story the next day that accuses you of horrible moral turpitude (e.g., you stole money from Iraqi orphans or you’re a racist), you absolutely cannot issue a limp rebuttal and pretend like it will all just blow over.

You have to address the allegation head on, strongly, to take control of the narrative as soon as possible, otherwise your silence/tepid response will be interpreted as a concession of the accusation’s truth.

Political columnists throughout New York State have must-read blogs – Jimmy VielkindLiz BenjaminAzi PaybarahCeleste Katz, to name a few. They hustle for stories, they use social media effectively, they have good sources, they vet the information they receive, and with good humor, they compete with each other for scoops.

On the other hand, Bob McCarthy is a walking metaphor for everything that’s wrong with the Buffalo News.

2010: This Year in Fail

27 Dec

Every media outlet does a “this year in” retrospective. However, no one else will kick theirs off by pointing out that 2010 was a year of chaps-free Cejkas.  2010’s prowess is legendary.

County government started out 2010 having settled a longstanding dispute with ECMC over yearly contributions. Over at City Hall, the Karla Thomas / HR problem was just getting going, and I asked why it was, precisely, that it all happened in spite of CitiStat. As new Senator Kirsten Gillibrand got used to her new Washington digs, the New York City elites were scrambling to find someone – anyone – to primary her. (Tennessee’s most famous Wall Street ex-pol sent up a Pigeon-assisted trial balloon, to no avail). You see, she’s one of those upstate, northern women. They had written her off before they even gave her a chance. Now, she’s well-regarded for her leadership on DADT repeal, 9/11 health workers, and health care reform. What a difference 12 months make.

In the meantime, a so-called “reform coalition” was formulated in the county legislature, giving County Executive Chris Collins a de facto majority. Democrats Tim Kennedy, Christina Bove, and Barbara Miller-Williams broke away from the remainder of the Democratic caucus to form a coalition with the minority Republicans and help progress the Collins – Pigeon – Brown agenda. It was the embodiment of the alliance of the Collins and Brown political machines, and died hard just 12 months later. Some of our writing got a bit inside basebally, so Chris and I wrote  “Profiles in Fail” to help fill in some blanks. The legislature became what we termed an “orgy of transactional politics”, and we explained the legislature coup in some more detail here:


The first WNY-based Republican to start sniffing around the governor’s race was Chris Collins. He was also the first WNY-based Republican gubernatorial-race-sniffer to say something really, really stupid. In Collins’ case, he said in 2009 that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (a despicable little toad, for sure) was the third anti-Christ, and then quickly followed it up in January by jokingly asking Laura Montante-Zaepfel – a politically super-connected Uniland bigshot – for a lapdance during Governor Paterson’s State of the State address. Collins, true to form, is too proud and perfect to admit he made a mistake, much less apologize.  Collins and Paladino were similar in their patent, unrepentant misogyny.

Speaking of Carl Paladino, February was the first time we caught wind of Carl Paladino possibly running for governor.

If nothing else, Paladino’s alleged candidacy would be entertaining, because he is unafraid to speak his mind. As wealthy as he is opinionated, he can self-fund any campaign for office. Likewise, he could easily commit daily Collinsesque gaffes and get away with it, thanks to his reputation for not having a filter between brain and mouth.

I like that Paladino has a “fire” in his belly. But it would be better channeled at treating the causes, rather than just the symptoms, of our malaise.

But let’s say he became Governor. Now what?

Our state government is not some kind of dictatorship where the governor can just parachute in, make fundamental structural and political changes, and then parachute out. Like it or not, there is a legislative process and the rules there give other people power, as well. If you run in like you own the place, you’re going to be met with massive pushback, and existing crises can be made more acute.

Not to say that’s what would happen, but if you multiply the dubious accomplishments of “steamroller” Spitzer by 100, you probably get close to the effectiveness a Governor Paladino might enjoy.

But the whole Paladino candidacy is part of our collective Western New York dysfunction – our penchant for top-down, silver bullet solutions to really big, really complicated fundamental, structural problems. Instead of the people taking charge from the roots and initiating complicated governmental change from the bottom-up, we expect and rely upon saviors to do it for us. Instead of building up a new entrepreneurial class – a bourgeois revolution redux, if you will – we expect our existing powerbrokers and loudmouth millionaires to do it for us.

After all, as I wrote almost two years ago, there’s not much difference between the problems ailing Cuba and the problems ailing WNY. And I’m not talking about socialism, per se. I’m talking about cynicism, stasis, and reliance on change from above.
Whether it’s Bass Pro, the Adelphia Tower, Chris Collins, or Carl Paladino.

We need to stop relying on gimmicks, one-shots, and silver bullets, and start attacking problems at their source. All the Paladinos in the world aren’t going to change Albany if you still have people in office like the dynastic Dale Volker or the hackish Bill Stachowski in office.

The execrable Antoine Thompson hemmed and hawed about how he’d vote re: expelling his slash-happy colleague, Hiram Monserrate. Later in the year, he got belligerent with Ron Plants, of all people.

Chris Collins decided he had had enough of poor working mothers having subsidized day care so they could go to work and earn a living. Eric Massa turned out to be something of a weirdo. Shame, that.

Collins and Sheriff Tim Howard found themselves targets of a federal inquiry into the extraordinarily high number of suicide incidents in the county jail system – an issue that still hasn’t been fully resolved. In response, Collins bitched and moaned that anyone who had a thought in his head that wasn’t in complete synchronicity with his own has an “agenda” and is in favor of the “status quo”. Shorter Collins: suicides, schmuicides.

But I never did end up writing that “Chris Collins should drop dead” post.


Meanwhile, development in Buffalo was as inactive a laughingstock as ever. The Statler has stood empty all year – worthless, empty, crumbling, anachronistic. It is symbolic in many ways of Buffalo itself, a shadow of its former glory, struggling to find relevance in a world that’s largely passed it by. Rocco Termini’s Lafayette Hotel project moved forward in fits and starts, but that 10 year-old Artvoice billboard on the side of AM&A still serves to underscore that building’s emptiness.

Canal Side started making news in 2010 with talk of a living wage mandate for workers hired by businesses located within the project. It’s a requirement being pushed by the Canal Side Community Alliance and Coalition for Economic Justice, and backed by a handful of city councilpeople. Naturally, we can leave it to Carl Paladino to discuss it reasonably. Later in the year, Mark Goldman and the Fishers decided to sue the state because it was using public money on the Canal Side project, ignoring some patent irony.

Paladino’s campaign donned some makeup and sent up another trial balloon in the form of a nasty open letter to Brian Higgins on the issue of health care reform. He made his run official just a week later, coinciding nicely with the start of the 2010 WNYMedia.net Tournament of Political Failure. The complete rundown is shown here, and congratulations – you won!

At least Volker opted to bow out.

Carl held a big party in early April with all his employees and friends, appropriating the cry of madman Howard Beale as his campaign slogan.

A glowing, lengthy bio piece in the News revealed the existence of an extramarital child – a revelation that would sink mere mortals within minutes. Yet Paladino was unmoved, instead lecturing people about welfare queens and teh gayz, claiming, “I bring values, resiliency, a thick skin and I’m not afraid to be confrontational.”

Yet his values were non-existent, his skin was thinner than parchment, and we outed him as being a bit crazy when it came to forwarding emails. At least once a year, we break a big story – this year, it was Carl’s emails, and that story had some legs, still being talked about right up through election day. But contrary to popular belief, we never said Carl was racist.

But we had a great deal of fun with him, and the growing cleave within the local tea party groups. Rus Thompson, partly due to his close working relationship with Paladino, who was now accepted by the Republican establishment, drew criticism from former friends. But the “tea party coalition” did mighty battle against the “TeaGOP”. In the three-ringed circus of WNY politics, Allen Coniglio proved himself time and again to be its clown shoes. Again. And Again.

Although I later changed my mind twice, I originally predicted Paladino would never win.


His campaign turned out to be quite touchy indeed; perhaps the touchiest ever. Andrew Cuomo officially announced in late May. Paladino ended up choosing a renegade Queens Republican as his running mate.

I went down to Westchester for the Democratic Convention, which was largely uneventful, save for a marathon session to permit all the AG candidates to remain on the September ballot, and an entertaining visit from “King Cuomo II”, i.e., Curtis Sliwa.

Somewhere, there is a place where competent government and taxation intersect. It behooves us to find that crossing whenever possible to at least avoid irreversable catastrophe.

There were other races, as well. Republicans fought to replace Volker. Marc Coppola announced he was running against Mike Ranzenhofer AND electoral fusion. Rory Allen tried to ride roughshod over Antoine Thompson. In a golf cart. The Democrats fought to replace Stachowski, with Tim Kennedy ultimately winning. In the summer, NYPA ponied up some more money to Canal Side, which was starting to talk Bass Pro again, and outer harbor connector.

The Buffalo News all but banned commenters, and then inexplicably forbade Jim Heaney from blogging about the goings-on in city and county government.

As the Republican gubernatorial primary “heated” up, it came down to: who hates Muslims and the so-called “Ground Zero mosque” more? Paladino won that argument. Handily. The execrable, ambiguous, mulleted freak heard daily on WBEN from 9 – 12 went along for the Mooslim-hatin’ ride, because he’s a conspiratorial bandwagon-riding cretin, and an intellectual coward, to boot.

Paladino then decided it’d be swell to throw welfare recipients into decommissioned prisons.

We found out this summer that finally, Bass Pro wasn’t coming to Buffalo, ever. All done. Enough. But now, HSBC was throwing a monkey wrench into the works.

The Buffalo News published Mark Goldman’s prissy “Obstructionist Manifesto”, and we responded with the “Regular Buffalo Person’s Manifesto”. The Coalition of Enough Already was reborn, and Chris and I punctured the myth of the singular Buffalo elite. I later wrote “New Buffalo’s” obituary.

The summer also saw the City Grill get shot up, and all hell broke loose. Will you also surrender to Rich Newberg?

Right before primary day, Rachel Maddow hosted our own Marc Odien, (more here and here), and there were rumors afloat about Antoine Thompson being vulnerable. Nothing came of that, but Paladino obliterated Rick Lazio. David DiPietro fought in court to stay on the ballot despite losing the GOP primary to Pat Gallivan. On the Democratic side, Cynthia Appleton ran a valiant race against the former Sheriff, Gallivan, and the bellicose tea partier, DiPietro. On the county side, we continued to question Chris Collins’ ideas and motivations.

Suddenly, Paladino was thrust into the national and state media spotlight. Despite a few missteps, the response from a Democratic side that was unprepared for his victory was so anemic that I went ahead and predicted Carl’s victory. It was all a big temper tantrum, though, and Paladino’s media handling was quite adept.

All that was needed was another opportunity for Carl to be caught unawares.

We got that opportunity when Carl decided he’d threaten to kill the New York Post’s Fred Dicker. On camera. Suddenly, Paladino was on the defensive again, and got ever-touchier.

In October, the Board of Elections claimed that the legislature downsizing ballot question could not be put before the voters on a technicality. That was defeated.

Carl Paladino tried to get back on-message after the Dicker fiasco, and bought some TV time to set the record straight and get back to “issues”. Instead, the 5:13 to Nowhere was just a whine-fest and little more. Featuring Nancy Naples, of all people, pointing her bejeweled finger at you, shaming you into giving money to Carl.

The final nail in the coffin of the Paladino campaign was his bumbling, fumbling handling of the Yehuda Levin anti-gay controversy. Having read remarks someone else handed him, Paladino said horrible things about gays, only to retract them days later. We decided that his invocation of “pornographers and perverts” in discussing gay marriage was particularly egregious. Paladino also insisted that all the gubernatorial candidates – even the fringe ones join in any debate. He got his wish, resulting in Jimmy McMillan’s 15 minutes of fame coming and going.

Even Carl’s friend David DiPietro got into the Carl email fun.

By the end of October, Carl’s race was all but over. He became less and less credible and relevant with each passing day. As it turns out, Carl’s gay nephew, who allegedly prompted Carl to flip flop on the Hasidic/gay thing, is something of  an asshole, but an asshole who should have the right to marry any other asshole.


Not to be outdone by an imploding Carl Paladino, Antoine Thompson did everything he could in his re-election bid to become an even less relevant laughingstock. The last straw was his anti-lawyer vitriol directed at all-around-nice-guy Mark Grisanti. In the “race” in NY-27, Higgins’ opponent Lenny Roberto turned out to be a rank homophobe with questionable campaign funding.

A New York Observer piece named WNYMedia.net, “the site that saved Andrew Cuomo.” In November, the WNYMedia.net writers collaborated on our endorsements, as Carl Paladino threw his buddy DiPietro deep under the bus.


Cuomo made his final argument, Kerplunk went the turd, and the vote was over. We WNYMedia.net types finally made the FCC-regulated airwaves to cover election night with Brad Riter on WECK 1230.

With the election season behind us, it was time to start bikeshedding development issues again. It started, more or less, with a call for the ECHDC to “pause” a decade-long process. We thought everyone should just relax. Seriously. We WNYMedia.net types came up with our own recommendations, and we attended the open houses. We saw the videos, and commented on them. “Lighter, Faster, Cheaper” was the mantra being thrown around, and became moot when the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation called Goldman’s bluff.


I started reading the My View column out loud, most recently, one penned by Stefan Mychajliw.

Finally, the year was topped off by the Erie County Legislature doing battle with Chris Collins over 0.1% of the county budget. The regular fights and protests from the culturals came to fruition, and if there’s one bright spot, it’s what appears to be the demise of the detestable “reform coalition”. There’s got to be a better way. Some sort of solution should be discussed in earnest.

Thanks, everybody, for a great 2010 & have a great 2011!

History of The Buffalo Waterfront Debate In Pictures

22 Nov

Let’s be honest, the last four years of Buffalo Waterfront Development news has been very good to this website. We’ve had hundreds of thousands of people come to WNYMedia to read our take on the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corporation, the courtship of Bass Pro, Route 5 Redevelopment and all of the FAIL.

We’ve streamed hundreds of hours of public meetings, scoping sessions, environmental reviews and citizen meetings on this website and at UStream. We made a broadcast documentary called Bass Pros and Cons which detailed the fight over the proposed anchor tenant and hosted a series of community panel discussions on Canalside featuring Larry Quinn, Carl Paladino, Jim Ostrowski and Scot Fisher.

The best part of all of this coverage? The images we’ve created to describe the proceedings. In recent weeks, I’ve received over a dozen emails from readers asking for me to collect and put in one post, all of the images we’ve created that went along with our articles and videos. I’ll post them context free.

So, without further ado, here is the WNYMedia Illustrated Version of the Buffalo Waterfront Debate, 2006-2010:

Candidates! Advertise Here!

15 Sep

While most people think we have this pinko bias (some of us do), we have a pretty excellent roster of respected and well-read bloggers from across the political spectrum who write on this site.

We’re offering very reasonably priced advertising packages to candidates/campaigns from now through election day on WNYMedia.net, which is valuable because they will be seen by people.

If you’re interested in finding out more, click here and see what we have to offer. Contact our sales team to find out more about what we can offer, and ways in which we can ensure that as many engaged WNY voters see your message. We can even do videos for web ads or TV, including media buys.

Because ultimately our site is read by the ultra-left, the ultra-right, and everyone in-between. An ad doesn’t guarantee you positive press or happy posts from our bloggers. All it guarantees you is that the ad will be seen by voters, activists, and political junkies from across WNY.

Live WNYMedia.net / WECK Coverage Tonight #WNYVotes

14 Sep

Tonight at 8PM we’ll be covering Primary Night in New York from the WECK1230-AM studios in beautiful, historic, downtown Cheektowaga.  Nick Mendola will be the host and Brian Castner, Alan Bedenko and Chris Smith will ride shotgun.  We’ll also have in studio visits from Tom Schuh of WECK Radio, Geoff Kelly of Artvoice and Erie County Legislator Ray Walter.

The main races of interest are:

NY Gov – Paladino/Lazio

SD-60 – Thompson/Allen/Coppolla

SD-59 – Domagalski/Gallivan/DiPietro

SD-58 – Kennedy/Stachowski/Kuzma

A-144 – Golombek/Hoyt

We’ll touch on the other primary races in brief:

Attorney General – Rice/Schneiderman/Dinallo/Coffey/Brodsky

A-146 – Kozub/Amodeo/Rybczynski

Ellicott Council – Haynes/Pridgen/McIntyre

Listen to the stream by clicking HERE.

We’ll have a live chat here on the website, we’ll stream video from the radio studio and we’ll post clips later for downloading.  Should be a fun night featuring political analysis, beer and live interviews with candidates and campaign insiders.  Scheduled to call in are reps from the Lazio and Paladino campaigns, Sam Hoyt, Brian Higgins, Rory Allen, Mike Amodeo and hopefully Ray Walter can deliver us some local Republicans.

You can also follow along on Twitter by searching for the #wnyvotes hashtag.

Don’t watch the rickety Joe Crangle or the usually misinformed Joel Giambra on TV tonight, watch us instead!  Have a beer, join in and our money back guaranteed promise that we won’t suck.


(Yes, I re-posted Chris’ post for those of you who just go to buffalopundit.com and to get it on my Twitters/Facebooks feed)

Primary Night Live Coverage

14 Sep

Tonight at 8PM we’ll be covering Primary Night in New York from the WECK1230-AM studios in beautiful, historic, downtown Cheektowaga.  Nick Mendola will be the host and Brian Castner, Alan Bedenko and Chris Smith will ride shotgun.  We’ll also have in studio visits from Tom Schuh of WECK Radio, Geoff Kelly of Artvoice and Erie County Legislator Ray Walter.

The main races of interest are:

NY Gov – Paladino/Lazio

SD-60 – Thompson/Allen/Coppolla

SD-59 – Domagalski/Gallivan/DiPietro

SD-58 – Kennedy/Stachowski/Kuzma

A-144 – Golombek/Hoyt

We’ll touch on the other primary races in brief:

Attorney General – Rice/Schneiderman/Dinallo/Coffey/Brodsky

A-146 – Kozub/Amodeo/Rybczynski

Ellicott Council – Haynes/Pridgen/McIntyre

Listen to the stream by clicking HERE.

We’ll have a live chat here on the website, we’ll stream video from the radio studio and we’ll post clips later for downloading.  Should be a fun night featuring political analysis, beer and live interviews with candidates and campaign insiders.  Scheduled to call in are reps from the Lazio and Paladino campaigns, Sam Hoyt, Brian Higgins, Rory Allen, Mike Amodeo and hopefully Ray Walter can deliver us some local Republicans.

Don’t watch the rickety Joe Crangle or the usually misinformed Joel Giambra on TV tonight, watch us instead!  Have a beer, join in and our money back guaranteed promise that we won’t suck.


Vote, Then Listen to & Watch Our Primary Night Programming

14 Sep

When I was a kid, in March 1982, I went to Yugoslavia over spring break and they were smack in the middle of election season. Back then, under communism, the “elections” were held on Sundays and attendance was compulsory, to show that the regime had the unanimous consent of the proletarian masses. Naturally, there was only one list of candidates, and voters got to vote “yes” or “no”. Miraculously, the slate of candidates from the League of Communists of Yugoslavia won with 99.9% of the vote. Every time.

That’s how a totalitarian dictatorship does things, and unfortunately there are still a bunch of them around the world.

We’re lucky. We get to choose our winners and, ultimately, the direction of our future. Unfortunately, because party loyalty runs almost irrationally deep in WNY, oftentimes primary races are the only races that matter. So, even though primaries are little-discussed and their elections poorly attended, it’s as important as showing up in November. If you’re a Democrat – no matter where in New York you live – you have an Attorney General’s race to decide. If you’re a Republican – no matter where in New York you live – you have a Gubernatorial race to decide. If you’re a member of the Independence Party or Conservative Party, then you’re probably already a prime voter and know to show up. Unless you’re one of those people who is enrolled in the IP because you think it means you’re independent & unenrolled.

Polls in Erie County are open from 6am – 9pm; 12pm – 9pm in other counties. Please show up and make your voice heard.

As for us at WNYMedia.net, we’ll be doing an election night show live from WECK studios from 8pm – 11pm. Our show will be hosted by Nick Mendola, featuring me, Chris Smith, Marc Odien, Brian Castner, and Geoff Kelly. Thanks to the WECK board, we’ll be able to feature phone calls from candidates, and maybe calls from listeners/viewers. But please note – because there’s a Yankee game on tonight, our audio will only be heard on the online stream, and we’ll be poaching WECK’s stream, as well. That means those of you who use programs like Pocket Tunes or similar to listen to audio streams on your smartphone will be able to easily listen to our stream on the go – you won’t be tethered to a computer. We’ll also run a video stream on the site here.

If you’re a candidate and want to participate in the show, please shoot me an email. Ditto if you’re on the inside and want to shoot us a tip.

See you tonight.

New Weekend Feature

3 Sep

Editor’s note: A new weekend feature will be the re-publishing of three of our most active, interesting, shared and discussed posts of the week which you may have missed.  Consider it a “Best of WNYMedia” weekend.  We’ll also be taking the site down once or twice this weekend to implement feedback received from readers after we unveiled our partially finished new site design.

This video by Christina Abt and Marc Odien has been shared over 50 times on various social networks and was the third most viewed post of the week.  It features a profile of the Buffalo Urban Outdoor Education (BUOE) Foundation.

This post by Brian Castner has been shared 141 times on various social networks and was the second most viewed post of the week.  A great discussion ensued about progress and how it is defined by various corners of Buffalo and WNY.

This post by Alan Bedenko which proclaimed the end of “New Buffalo” was our most widely read, shared and discussed post of the week.

Read, share and enjoy.

The WNYMedia News Operation

3 Sep

With a new website needing to be filled with daily content, Marc and I decided it was time to grow our fleet of news gathering equipment…

A couple of weeks ago, an investor helped us add to our existing equipment inventory with five new cameras, tripods, and associated gear so we can cover more events.  We’re suited up to cover eight events at once…now, we need some more bloggers, writers and videographers to do it.

Interested?  We’re looking for people to stream video of town board meetings, committee meetings at the Erie County Legislature and Buffalo Common Council and attend local public authority meetings.  We’re also adding some high school football coverage this fall as well as preparing the launch of BuffaloComedy.com

We’ve got a lot of cool stuff happening and we hope a few of you might want to join us.  Send an email to marc [@] wnymedia.net or chris [@] wnymedia.net if you want to know more.

The Soft Launch of The New WNYMedia

30 Aug

Today, we unveil yet another version of WNYMedia…we’ll consider it a “soft launch”.  We’ve still got a few things to work out, but we’ll be working on them through the course of the day.  The site design is based on feedback from nearly 1000 readers that we’ve received through various surveys we’ve done over the past six months.

Our plan is for WNYMedia to become a distribution point for what’s happening right now in our region.  We plan to introduce new features including live feeds, streaming video, podcasts, streaming radio, twitter/facebook integration and a consolidated feed of articles from our bevy of writers.  Our focus is on usability and ease of navigation, which were issues in the previous design.  Including our partners (Artvoice, WECK1230 and YNN), we’re creating upwards of 40-50 pieces of content each day, but we weren’t making it very easy to find or share.  We’ll have better tools for finding recent stories and an ability to track how they develop.

We’re adding all sorts of new functionality, but most importantly, this is a massive reorganization of content.  A reorganization of how we create, display, share and comment on the various articles we write everyday.

Previously, we created content which was published to an individual blog where everyone would read, share, or comment on the article.  We then aggregated links to the stories to the front page of wnymedia.net.

That’s changing.

Now, we will all be creating content on the front page of wnymedia.net.  You’ll see the excerpts of the articles along with the photo of the author who wrote it.  You’ll click the title to read, share or comment on it.  We’ll also aggregate the articles from each writer on their own author page, which you can access by clicking their name.

For now, poke around, tell us what’s broken, tell us what you like and what you don’t like, etc.

We’re just hoping this goes better than the Digg relaunch from last week