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Jack Davis: Party Like it’s 1859

16 Mar

Dear Republican Chairs in NY-26:

I was pleased to learn via the Buffalo News that Akron madman Jack Davis’ anti-immigrant positions have outraged even you. He recently suggested to you during your interviews of congressional candidates that migrant farm labor in the GLOW counties should be deported and replaced with inner-city blacks. It’s not only a fundamentally unfair, racist, and plain dumb imposition on farmers, but also an even more insidious variant on Paladino’s own suggestion that the poors be sent to de-mobilized jails and put to work.

Yet you guys were silent about uncle Carl’s labor camp idea.

You were also silent in 2008 when Davis had previously said some pretty nasty stuff about immigrants in general and Mexicans in particular. In 2008, you guys happily and surreptitiously aided Davis’ effort to destroy Jon Powers, leaving your golden ladyboy-phile Chris Lee to coast to an easy victory over Alice Kryzan. It’s all rather cynical, in the end. But that’s politics.

But to the larger point, we’ve known for three years that Jack Davis – whose congressional attempts are 0-3, and who has alienated just about everyone with whom he’s ever come into contact – doesn’t just hate free trade or the WTO, he hates foreigners. He hates immigrants. He hates them. We learned three years ago that there ought to be no place in WNY politics for a dirty, hateful xenophobe like Jack Davis.


I was outraged in 2008. What took you so long?

Love, BP

HUAC 2: Electric Xenophobaloo

10 Mar

Shorter Peter King: Irish terrorists good, Muslim terrorists bad.

King is a despicable and disgusting xenophobe who is a rank hypocrite.  Let’s be 100% clear – King contemporaneously supported a terrorist organization that indiscriminately blew up innocent Britons during the 70s – 90s. It’s ok if someone supported an Irish republican desire to be free from the UK, or decried British oppression – but blowing people up was decidedy not ok.  Peter King has now decided to put all of American Islam on trial in Congress, and to further denigrate an entire population based on the terrorists acts or thoughts of a miniscule minority.  It is King who is un-American.

Image courtesy of Marquil and EmpireWire.com

A Horrible, Petty Place

12 Dec

Animated Gifs

A few quick notes for Sunday:

1. Some local glibertarian shat this opening sentence in a recent blog post:

I have read with amazement local leftists argue that the hordes of productive middle-class Americans who flee Buffalo each year can be easily replaced by refugees from the Third World (who will heavily rely on welfare).

That sentence has everything:  (a) convenient strawman erected  to establish something that is “argued”, yet unsupported by any reference or link; (b) latent racist, blatant classist, patently xenophobic comparison of “productive” middle class people who flee Buffalo to immigrants from the Sudan or Burma; and (c) further denigration of the immigrants as uniformly and “heavily” reliant on welfare.  It’s far more likely that those supposedly lazy, dependent immigrants could show you, me, and the glibtards a thing or two about hard work, productivity, courage, and smarts. The post then links to a tragic story in the Buffalo News about what amounts to culture shock among local third world refugees who come to find out that what they find normal is considered a crime here.  The answer is to educate and inform them – not to insult them as savages.

The problem is serious enough that a special community and courts collaborative was formed 10 months ago to improve services to this newer population. The group recently hosted a daylong workshop in Buffalo for Family Court judges, lawyers and social service workers.

“In America, we emphasize independence and individual freedoms,” said Family Court Judge Lisa Bloch Rodwin in her opening remarks. “This is in direct conflict with certain cultures that emphasize obedience to parents and authority. How do we bridge the gap between behaviors which are accepted between spouses in other cultures, but which are not acceptable or legal here?”

In the 2 1/2 years she’s been judge, Rodwin said, she’s seen at least a doubling of cases involving newcomers to the country and culturally isolated Muslims, noting that child neglect, abuse, family violence and juvenile delinquency are rampant.

I’m appalled that someone who is unfortunately and astonishingly taken seriously in this town could get away with writing something so fundamentally wrong and bigoted.

2. Donn Esmonde wants a museum at Canal Side.  That’s a great idea, seeing as museums and nostalgia are the only growth industry we seem to have in this region.

3. Howard Milstein’s Niagara Falls Redevelopment hasn’t developed (or redeveloped) a single item in Niagara Falls.  This company, which apparently excels only at boarding up buildings and mowing grass, is busily speculating that this land may someday have value, whilst claiming to the press that it isn’t a land speculating company.

4. The Republican minority in the county legislature has enough votes to block any attempted veto override by the legislature’s Democratic minority.  According to the News, the Republican lawmakers have reached a deal with Chris Collins to reduce the previously voted-for library funding, and to completely eliminate funding of all culturals except for the Collins list of ten.  At this point, the Democratic majority should vote to eliminate funding to all culturals, including the Albright Knox and everything else the county executive wants.  If Collins wants out of the county-taxes-go-to-help-fund-cultural-activities business, then darn it he should be an absolutist about it.  If Shakespeare gets nothing, then neither does that pencil drawing in the museum.  That is the first step to abolishing the despicable political morass that is county government.  Perhaps a professional county manager might see the value in maintaining theater and arts programs in this region.  Chris Collins has not, incidentally, shown any proof that taxes would go up a single penny were the culturals to be funded as set forth last week.  I guess “quality of life” is not something worth paying like $5 per year for.

5. December rain events suck.

Have a great Sunday!

More Like This, Please

7 Nov

Tom Tancredo is one of the most detestable xenophobes ever to have darkened the halls of congress.  Lou Dobbs has got nothing on this guy. It’s also quite ironic, given the fact that Tancredo’s last name ends in a vowel.

The other day, Daily Kos’ Markos Moulitsas was debating Tancredo on MSNBC about health care reform and the recent teabag ruckus on Capitol Hill that attracted literally hundreds of people.  Tancredo did the standard Republican “socialism” nonsense and called the public option – a thoroughly incomplete “reform” – the biggest threat to American freedom they had ever seen; a “threat to the American way of life”.

Talk like that leads to signs like this, seen at the Michele Bachmann Teaparty of Ignorance this past week:

At one point, comparisons were drawn to existing government-run single-payer plans like Medicare and the VA.  Tancredo claimed that veterans begged him to set up some sort of free market insurance system for them because the VA was “too bureaucratic” and didn’t “serve their needs”.

Because everyone who has private for-profit or non-profit healthcare knows just how unbureaucratic it is.  I hate disingenuous, idiotic statements like that.

On the point of the veterans, Moulitsas is a veteran, and Tancredo is not.  Moulistas does what the kids call “pwn” Tancredo:


Sure enough, Tancredo was in favor of the Vietnam War, but went out of his way to avoid serving in it.

After graduating from college in June 1969, he became eligible to serve in Vietnam. Tancredo said he went for his physical, telling doctors he’d been treated for depression, and eventually got a deferment.

Chickenhawk.  Xenophobe.  Detestable human being.  It’s about time guys like him got called out on their incessant fucking bullshit.