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2 Apr

Although Republicans generally follow the thought-process that “stimulus”, or Keynesian pump-priming is a horror matched only by, e.g., Pol Pot’s forced agriculturalization of mid-70s Cambodian society, they seem to change their tune when the economic stimulant is related to military spending. Talk about cutting back on, say, the Niagara Falls Air National Guard Base and all hell breaks loose, regardless on whether it’s really needed. It’s all about the jobs at the base, and the ancillary jobs it creates; in other words, its economic stimulus effect whereby government spending creates economic demand. 

It’s so bad that when the Pentagon promotes its spending priorities for the next federal budget, Medicare-killing wunderkind Paul Ryan calls the generals liars. It’s good to see that Republicans are just as supportive of government stimulus as Democrats, would that they would be honest about it and instead of scoring political points against our Indo-Kenyan Muslim usurper “President”, that they would put country first.