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Gillibrand in Buffalo

31 Jan

Here’s the video obtained of Gillibrand’s event before we got booted:

Steele @ RNC

31 Jan

Former Maryland Lieutenant Governor Michael Steele was elected chairman of the Republican National Committee yesterday, beating out some Tennessee scumbag who sent out a CD with an allegedly satirical song called, “Barack, the Magic Negro” on it and a South Carolina chairman who belonged to a whites-only club until last September. Steele is black and from Maryland – a big-step effort by a marginalized party to try and reverse its slide into reactionary regionalism.

For this, the RNC should be commended – for the fact that they recognized that neither the songster nor the segregationist would be good to move the party forward, or to help it become more inclusive. Marc Ambinder noted:

The RNC isn’t diverse yet; only five black delegates were chosen to attend the national convention. Steele was disgusted by that. It prompted him to run.

Every little bit helps, and it helps the country that the opposition may focus more on its core economic message rather than its social orthodoxy issues.

Casino: Open & Legal

30 Jan

From the article:

A federal judge in Buffalo today rejected a motion to close the temporary Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino and hold in contempt the chairman of the agency responsible for approving its legal right to operate.

U.S. District Judge William M. Skretny issued the decision this morning, denying the assertion of the plaintiffs, including Citizens Against Casino Gambling in Erie County, that the casino should be closed. The judge said that the National Indian Gaming Commission’s recent approval of the Seneca Nation’s right to have “Class III” gaming on its Buffalo Creek Territory does not conflict with earlier rulings the judge made in the case last summer. Continue reading

Gillibrand’s Questionnaire and WNY Visit

30 Jan

It’s not particularly fascinating, but it does represent some form of contemporary transparency and gives you a glimpse into what Paterson was looking for. Senator Gillibrand’s website is here.

Gillibrand will be in Western New York this weekend, but she’ll be meeting with certain officials and electeds. Not with you. Or you.

Her plan is to meet with a handful of local elected officials, the Mayor and the County Executive, then travel to Niagara Falls to do the same up there.

Her whirlwind trip into WNY already has some local officials feeling snubbed by the junior Senator as they were not invited to attend the small event tomorrow afternoon in downtown Buffalo.

Word is Gillibrand already has her hand out too, looking for someone to set up a local fundraising committee for her in the upcoming weeks.

NO public appearances are planned for the trip to WNY.

That’s just like when Caroline came to Buffalo, except without the … no, it’s just like it.

The Erie County Legislature Finds Unanimity

30 Jan

Nothing unites the legislature like the control board’s malicious bumbling and stumbling, nor the hamhanded and arrogant incompetence of the Collins administration with respect to the tax bill fiasco.

Wasting money and making huge errors isn’t very Six Sigma-y, is it? Michele Iannello said:

“If we are going to talk about running county government like a business, then there have to be consequences for someone who made a $2 million mistake.”

(Now, if Gramigna will just explain who Legislator Robert Russell is)

(Photo credit: whitneyarlene via Flickr)

Byron Brown’s State of the City

30 Jan

Did you pay $35 to attend Mayor Brown’s speech and munch on some grub? Then you’re a dope, because here it is for free:

There’s a bit of a lag before it starts.

What He Said

30 Jan

Obama pictures and McCain pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

STEEL said in comments:

Declaring something a failure is not the same as wishing for failure. Anyone who wished for failure in Iraq is a sick @ss. I never heard anyone WISH for failure in Iraq. I never heard anyone wish for a recession during Bushes reign. I have however heard for conservatives wishing for Obama’s policies to fail. Meaning they would like the recession to continue.

Right. Limbaughistas, and even our dear friend the Buffalo Bean have expressed their wish that Obama the black Hitler fail.

I never liked Bush, and I never supported him, but I sure as hell never wished him to fail. Yet when people criticized Bush’s policies, they were called unpatriotic for doing their civic duty and becoming politically involved, active, and outspoken. By that metric, wishing failure on the President of the United States is equal to wishing failure on the United States itself. And if that’s not “unpatriotic” by any measure, I don’t know what is.

Now, please note that I am not calling those people unpatriotic – I am pointing out the fallacy of their original premise that criticism of Bush was unpatriotic.

But when you wish failure on Obama, and therefore wish harm to the country, then you’re wishing for a terrorist attack – so you can have “proof” that only Republicans can protect the country. You’re wishing for economic depression- so that you can have “proof” that the bankruptcy of Democratic policies are worse than the bankruptcy of Republican policies. You’re wishing for unemployment and crisis – so you can pat yourself on the back for being right.

I don’t know if the stimulus will work. I don’t even know – neither do you – what form it will ultimately take when Obama signs it. I don’t know whether we’ll suffer another terrorist attack, but they happen every day on the East Side, and it’s high time Americans be vigilant but no longer cower in fear at the rest of the world.

I didn’t wish failure on Bush, no matter how much I disagreed with him because I want health, peace, and prosperity for me and those around me.

If you wish failure on Obama, you’re a failure of a human being and could use a refresher course in civics.

Friday Videos

30 Jan

I started this blog back when Joel Giambra was cool and I used to post a weekly review of my favorite viral videos of the week.  Well, I haven’t done that since Joel Giambra became unemployed and lonely, so I thought I would start it up again.

Here’s a backlog edition of videos I think are cool.

Billy Mays on Quaaludes:

Jones’ Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage

Arrested Development Chicken Dance

Time Lapse Of A Baby Playing With Toys

THIS is how you do social media advertising

A “Rap” Up of All Five Seasons Of The Wire – The Greatest Show In TV History

Someday, you’ll read the news…on a COMPUTER!

A Word of Advice for Syaed Ali

29 Jan

Not that I’ve met or spoken with the guy, but maybe he ought to listen to his lawyer and keep his mouth shut for even just a little minute. Seriously.

2009 vs. 1993

29 Jan

The Washington Independent compares Clinton 1993 to Obama 2009:

The Clinton budget raised taxes; the Obama stimulus doesn’t. I think this is the most important distinction. The Clinton budget reconciliation increased income taxes, raised the corporate tax rate to 35 percent, and raised the gas tax by 4.3 cents per gallon. Basically, every American paid more taxes after the budget was passed. The Obama stimulus package doesn’t raise anyone’s taxes. It includes $275 billion of tax cuts. Are they poorly designed? Arguably. But they’re tax cuts! I literally cannot remember a time when the entire Republican conference in either house voted against tax cuts. In that Republican poll mentioned above, upwards of 60 percent of voters want tax cuts right now.

HT Sully.