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What He Said

30 Jan

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STEEL said in comments:

Declaring something a failure is not the same as wishing for failure. Anyone who wished for failure in Iraq is a sick @ss. I never heard anyone WISH for failure in Iraq. I never heard anyone wish for a recession during Bushes reign. I have however heard for conservatives wishing for Obama’s policies to fail. Meaning they would like the recession to continue.

Right. Limbaughistas, and even our dear friend the Buffalo Bean have expressed their wish that Obama the black Hitler fail.

I never liked Bush, and I never supported him, but I sure as hell never wished him to fail. Yet when people criticized Bush’s policies, they were called unpatriotic for doing their civic duty and becoming politically involved, active, and outspoken. By that metric, wishing failure on the President of the United States is equal to wishing failure on the United States itself. And if that’s not “unpatriotic” by any measure, I don’t know what is.

Now, please note that I am not calling those people unpatriotic – I am pointing out the fallacy of their original premise that criticism of Bush was unpatriotic.

But when you wish failure on Obama, and therefore wish harm to the country, then you’re wishing for a terrorist attack – so you can have “proof” that only Republicans can protect the country. You’re wishing for economic depression- so that you can have “proof” that the bankruptcy of Democratic policies are worse than the bankruptcy of Republican policies. You’re wishing for unemployment and crisis – so you can pat yourself on the back for being right.

I don’t know if the stimulus will work. I don’t even know – neither do you – what form it will ultimately take when Obama signs it. I don’t know whether we’ll suffer another terrorist attack, but they happen every day on the East Side, and it’s high time Americans be vigilant but no longer cower in fear at the rest of the world.

I didn’t wish failure on Bush, no matter how much I disagreed with him because I want health, peace, and prosperity for me and those around me.

If you wish failure on Obama, you’re a failure of a human being and could use a refresher course in civics.