Sam Hoyt Day 2

21 Aug

Channel 4 interviewed both Joe Illuzzi and Hoyt’s primary challenger Barbra Kavanaugh. Illuzzi explained that he was publishing emails between Hoyt and his mistresses because of Hoyt’s position on abortion and gay marriage, both of which Illuzzi vehemently opposes. Illuzzi also continues to pledge to print more emails until Hoyt quits the race, saying he’s holding Hoyt “accountable”. He says they were interns who were “under his authority” and that it was an “abuse of power”. Kavanaugh indicated that she was sorry this was all happening, and that she felt badly for Hoyt and his family.

According to the Buffalo News,

Two women believed to have been romantically linked to Assemblyman Sam Hoyt were adults and not interns when they were allegedly involved with the married legislator, according to records from the Assembly and the state comptroller’s office obtained by The Buffalo News.

Kavanaugh did not, as far as I could see, denounce or repudiate Illuzzi for what he was doing. Nor did she take down her ad on Illuzzi’s site. In spite of her plausible deniability, the whole thing has her political allies’ fingerprints all over it.

Sandy Beach’s show was dedicated to blogs yesterday, and I called in to set Sandy straight on his notion that bloggers operate with “no rules” and can write whatever they want. While certainly it would be difficult to go after a commenter on the Lefty Line, bloggers – the people who write posts – are as liable for defamation as any talk-show host or journalist. He repeatedly referred to what Illuzzi was/is doing to Hoyt as “blackmail”, and excoriated politicians for “sucking up” to Illuzzi, even expressing shock that Chris Collins would lunch with Joe.

For the record, in case you’re wondering, the ads for Tim Pazda, David Donohue, Scott Bylewski, Jon Powers, and Barack Obama are not there because they paid for them; they’re there because I’m going to vote for them. I have never written a post of any sort because someone paid me to do it. And if I ever did, it would be disclosed.

The whole lurid story even made its way to the pages of the New York Times. Today, Illuzzi is a bit on defense because the stories of his criminal past have popped up all over, in the Times article and on Beach’s show yesterday. People are attacking his credibility, which is all well and good, but beside the point since no one is disputing the truth of the affairs.

In my opinion, unless the women were interns at the time of their affair with Hoyt, there’s nothing to see here. If they were both adults, the affairs were consensual, and he had no power or authority over them, then it’s a personal matter between Hoyt and his family and shouldn’t be fodder for chatter. Hoyt’s political life should rise and fall based on his results in Albany, not on where he drops his pants. Certainly it’s a moral failing on his part, and some voters may decide that he is unelectable based on that, and I understand that, and that’s fair. I’m not saying the stories shouldn’t have been published. What I am saying is that we really don’t need to be treated to all the titillating details, and we really don’t need to see the actual emails. There’s a fine line between publishing newsworthy information and piling on.

Furthermore, I think Kavanaugh should have come out much more forcefully to her opponent’s defense. As I indicated, this information was undoubtedly released by Hoyt’s biggest foes, and it was done to fatally injure him as a candidate, all to Kavanaugh’s benefit. If she sincerely feels so sad about what’s been done to Hoyt and his family, she should have said that she wants to talk about issues; she should have denounced Illuzzi, with whom she has an extra-large, prominent advertisement.

I do think that there is an unacceptable fraternity mentality that seems to creep up among some Albany pols, as evidenced not only by Hoyt’s indiscretions, but also by “too drunk to f*ck” Mike Cole. These guys should go to Albany, do their jobs, and then come home. It shouldn’t be a social club, they should be working really hard on real issues that affect a state that’s sinking with every passing day.

So, the Hoyt story has legs only insofar as it’s being investigated by the Assembly ethics panel. Other than that, it’s rather beside the point, and I’d wager that it’s somewhat backfired on Hoyt’s opponents. By addressing the smears head-on, he’s actually gained some sympathy from many people who don’t like what was done to him, nor the way in which it was done.

UPDATE:’s Marc Odien was interviewed on the subject by WBEN’s Susan Rose and John Zach this morning. Here is Kevin Hardwick commenting on it.

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35 Responses to “Sam Hoyt Day 2”

  1. Chris Smith August 21, 2008 at 8:11 am #

    Using Illuzzi as the outlet for the story was the first mistake Pigeon/Brown/Casey allegedly made with this story. The guy is as sketchy as they come and he took the position of demanding Hoyt’s resignation. The demand for the resignation and Illuzzi’s checkered past became the story instead of Hoyt’s behavior.

    If Joe had simply posted the emails and written a “story”, Hoyt would not have garnered the sympathy he did.

    There are a lot of reasons Sam Hoyt should be out of office and this is yet another one in my book. An inability to stay faithful to your wife speaks of low character and someone who I don’t personally feel has the judicious center needed to make the right decisions. Hoyt is not “progressive”, he is a child of privilege and power. He was born into a family which guaranteed him work and now he spends his days doing whatever he pleases in Albany while taking care of the items on the NYSUT, SEIU, and CSEA legislative agendas.

    If he were turned out to the private sector, what on earth would he do? Become a lobbyist no doubt, but he isn’t qualified to do anything else.

    The sooner people in this region come to the conclusion that guys like Sam Hoyt are the problem, the sooner we’ll start getting our priorities together.

  2. Question August 21, 2008 at 8:43 am #

    Minor point, but Illuzzi claims today he got “youthful offender” status in connection with the bank robbery in 1969. The News article says he was 22 at the time. Are (or were) 22 year olds considered “youthful offenders”?

  3. Question August 21, 2008 at 8:49 am #

    “Juvenile offender” is what he actually says. Somehow I doubt that a 22 year old could be a “juvenile offender” in NY, but I don’t know. Anyone?

  4. 1776 August 21, 2008 at 9:04 am #

    Pundit, great post. Really well said.

    Kavanaugh has been running a really underwhelming campaign, and she is the puppet of people like Steve Pigeon who are hell-bent on destroying Sam as a public official and apparently, based on these smarmy tactics, as a person. Pundit is absolutely right to say her denouncement of Illuzzi and this whole “scandal” should have been much stronger. She has been a disappointment since she threw her hat in the ring (announcing at the time, by the way, that she was running to represent the “155th” Assembly District).

    Chris Smith, anyone who knows Sam knows the kind of man he really is. You can jump to a conclusion about his character, but he is a kindhearted, good person who works very hard to do the best job he can for his district. He is one of the most open-minded and responsive legislators in New York State.

  5. Chris Smith August 21, 2008 at 9:24 am #

    I don’t see how I am “jumping to a conclusion” about his character when he just admitted to a major character flaw. He is open-minded and responsive if you like things as they are in New York State. That is, highly taxed, intransigent, generally anti-corporate, and subject to the whims and wants of public and private unions.

  6. Queen Carlotta August 21, 2008 at 9:32 am #


    I agree that “Lucky sperm club” Sam is a “kindhearted, good person who works very hard to do the best job for his district.” Unfortunately, his best isn’t good enough. Consequently, he has done very little substantially to materially benefit the Buffalo Metro area.

    Had Sammy had a different father he would have NOT been put in the Assembly by the party machine.

    While its true that criminals, nudists, and sexual deviants (my kind of people) are a way of life in Albany, we would be better off if Sammy took some time off and tried to find a real job.

    Anyway, an angry lesbian might scare silly Sheldon Silver to actually do something constructive in the legistlature.

  7. Facts Plz August 21, 2008 at 9:37 am #

    This is really why these moral philanderings do matter. Hoyt, Craig, Foley, Cole, Spitzer, Clinton, Edwards… ad nauseaum all come off as privileged, elitist frat boys who use the freedom and dual residency bennies of their “public service” lifestyles to feed their promiscuities and perversions. YUCK!

    Meanwhile every single election year these frauds crank out campaign literature which ends up stuffing all our mailboxes, which INVARIABLY shows pics of the wife and kids (really, stage props) and some statement about how SoandSo is a loving, devoted husband and father. Playing on the “aw aint that sweet, see he’s a good guy, we should vote for him” mentality.

    So dont tell me, these frauds’ indiscretions and infidelities are NOT relevant or fodder for evaluating their fitness to serve; they are the ones who ran on the issue of their status as a father and husband. They made that issue and their wife and kids fair game. IF they then choose to throw those same wife and kids under the bus in order to get laid, the consequences are foreseeable and obvious.

    Hoyt is an entrenched player in the corruptness that is Albany. Bringing home the bacon is not the equivalent of leadership.

    IF this is what it takes to get one more “frat boy” out of Albany, so be it.

  8. Jean August 21, 2008 at 9:56 am #

    I agree about this backfiring on them.

  9. Russell August 21, 2008 at 10:06 am #

    I do not understand Illuzi’s explanation about doing this because he doesn’t agree with Sam’s views on abortion and gay marriage. Sam’s opponent is no different on those issues. Even if Illuzi gets rid of Sam, like he’s trying to do, the person in that seat would still be supportive of abortion rights and gay marriage. It doesn’t make any sense at all.

  10. Glenn Gramigna's Uncle Billy-Bob August 21, 2008 at 10:22 am #

    Mr. Illuzzi has a criminal past that includes pleading guilty to bank robbery and a conviction for securities fraud.

  11. Paul August 21, 2008 at 10:39 am #

    So Illuzi is hammering Hoyt because of his pro-choice, pro gay marriage stand. Doesn’t that just help Kavanaugh? Kavanaugh is a pro choice candidate and a lesbian in favor of gay marriage…..not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  12. Simon August 21, 2008 at 10:45 am #

    In regards to Barbra Kavanaugh, I think you’re being a a little harsh. Illuzzi has attacked her on more than a few occasions, and when you look at what happened, it comes down to the fact that Sam Hoyt pissed off Joe Illuzzi, and now hes paying for it. In a perfect world, sure, Kavanaugh might’ve been more deferent to these facts, but the fact remains, this is a game of politics and alot of times, you need to say what you gotta say and just be done with it.

    In regards to her ad on Illuzzi’s page, I don’t know what the deal with that is, but I’d be willing to bet that she didn’t pay him for an ad. Knowing Illuzzi and how scheming he is, I wouldn’t be surprised if he trying to make both sides look bad.

  13. Ward August 21, 2008 at 10:56 am #

    Illuzi, the media, Pigeon, Brown, Kavanaugh–they should all be ashamed for taking advantage of the mentally challenged Mr. Hoyt. And Kavanaugh receives a 10.0 from the Bulgarian judge in the finals of the sanctimony event. Her pals’ pawprints are all over this thing, and by gosh she feels Sam’s pain. Says she has a family(?) and can’t imagine how she’d feel if one of them were the subject of this whole mess. Uh-huh.

    That said, the fact that the ladies he was, or was not, cootchie-cooing with were adults and definitely not interns, and this all happened before it was outlawed — that’s supposed to make us feel better? Uh-huh, again. As an elected official, “dipping one’s pen in the company inkwell” is about as mentally challenged as it gets. One thing about electing a moron–it sure is fun to watch him work.

  14. Michele Johnson August 21, 2008 at 11:02 am #

    First we hear they are teen interns of Sams
    Than we hear the were in their mid 20s and not working for Sam..
    Why would someone report it that way?
    Because it would be alot more damaging

  15. steve August 21, 2008 at 11:29 am #

    @Facts Plz — “Hoyt is an entrenched player in the corruptness that is Albany. Bringing home the bacon is not the equivalent of leadership.”

    Well said. Sixteen years on the crew of the Failboat Albany is reason enough for Sam to have competition.

    Oh, wait, I forgot, our state legislature isn’t supposed to change unless someone dies or retires.

    @Ward (regarding Kavanaugh) — “Says she has a family(?) and can’t imagine how she’d feel if one of them were the subject of this whole mess.” I am quite sure Ms. Kavanaugh has a family, including a couple of kids, I believe.

  16. Mike August 21, 2008 at 11:49 am #

    Please explain how the legislator from the 144th, Sam or Barbara is going to single handedly reform Albany? That is always the charge against incumbents…they are part of the Albany system (I would hope and pray my legislator is part of the Albany system!!)

    I would much rather have a representative who has seniority and is able to operate within the Albany system to bring RECORD amounts of financial aid for the Second Poorest City in the Country. When you represent a place that is beaten only by Detroit as far as poverty goes, what should your priority be? Albany reform? Correct me if I’m wrong, but its the system that is set up that is the problem, not the people. Albany was broken before Sam Hoyt, and will be broken after Sam Hoyt moves on…

    When people choose their next representative for the 144th ask yourself, Do you want Barbara Kavanaugh, who is a virtual clone of Sam Hoyt as far as policy goes, but with ZERO clout and ZERO seniority (bye bye state aid) or do you want someone who has clout, seniority and respect among his fellow legislators AND has done countless positive things for the 144th (Remember what Elmwood Ave. was like 16 years ago…Chippewa? Hertel Ave?)

    Sam has done a great job for his district, there is no rational reason to vote for Barbara Kavanaugh unless you buy into the politics of personal destruction brought to you by Buffalo’s own Karl Rove and Swift Boat Veterans for Truth…mainly Steve Casey and Joe Illuzzi

  17. steve August 21, 2008 at 12:12 pm #

    @Mike — “Albany was broken before Sam Hoyt, and will be broken after Sam Hoyt moves on… ” No doubt. But, let me ask you…what has SamHoyt done to fix Albany? * crickets * Thought so…

    Also @Mike — “Please explain how the legislator from the 144th, Sam or Barbara is going to single handedly reform Albany?” I don’t think anyone expects any legislator to do anything single handedly. But, reform can start with a single hand, yes?

    Mike, your “clout, seniority and respect among his fellow legislators” argument carries no weight with me, simply because his clout and seniority may have brought record aid (all by his lonesome??) but no real change for Buffalo. Yes, Buffalo is the second poorest city behind Detroit. Was that case 16 years ago? Maybe one could argue that because of the long-tenured representatives who seem almost genetically opposed to change, Buffalo sank even lower in the rankings. Maybe with 16 more years we can be at the very bottom, eh? If you’re going to give Hoyt sole credit for Elmwood, Chippewa and Hertel and record amounts of aid, he should — at least — share some of the blame for Black Rock, Broadway-Fillmore, and so on.

    I don’t know if Barbra Kavanaugh would be any better, or Barbra Streisand, for that matter. You say it is the system that is the problem, not the people in it? Distinction without a difference, really. If Sam wants to show leadership, he should acknowledge that Albany is fundamentally and completely broken, he will stand up to the special interests (especially public employee unions) and propose/support the kind of reforms necessary to re-float the Failboat Albany out of the muck at the bottom of the Hudson River. But, no, you seem satisfied that he’s a nice guy, can bring home bacon and, well, since the system is fucked up anyway, it’s OK that he’s an entrenched part of it.

    Good luck with that.

  18. Mike August 21, 2008 at 1:59 pm #

    “what has SamHoyt done to fix Albany” – IDA reform legislation.

    “But, reform can start with a single hand?” – Perhaps if that single person is the governor, or a dictator…Sam is the representative of the 144th (leading a logical person to believe he is at least one of 144) – i HIGHLY doubt one of 144 can make a systemic change to the New York State Constitution (which is the fundamental change needed in Albany)

    “If you’re going to give Hoyt sole credit for Elmwood, Chippewa and Hertel and record amounts of aid, he should — at least — share some of the blame for Black Rock, Broadway-Fillmore, and so on.” – When did i give Sam full credit? and Broadway Fillmore isnt in Sam’s district…moron.

    “You say it is the system that is the problem, not the people in it? Distinction without a difference” – huh? People operate under a system of laws and procedure that is the product of over 200 years of New York State History…I do not believe one person can make a meaningful change…if you do, i suggest you stop watching Sesame Street or some other self-esteem building 4th grade bullshit

    The reality is, we need state aid (Buffalo has a structural deficit) We will not get the state aid we need if we elect a freshmen legislator. If there is NO substantive difference between the two candidates, why on earth would you substitute someone who can bring the dollars Buffalo desperately needs with someone who cant?

  19. steve August 21, 2008 at 3:03 pm #

    @Mike — “The reality is, we need state aid (Buffalo has a structural deficit) We will not get the state aid we need if we elect a freshmen legislator.”

    So, Mike, I guess we better wish Sam a very long and healthy life because, by your reasoning, he can never retire or die. Unfortunately, one is likely at some point, and, of course, the other is inevitable.

    Further, you seem resigned to accept that Albany can’t change. That alone speaks volumes, but are you saying that no one else can work within the current system to bring support to Buffalo? And, by the way, in support of Sam, you wrote earlier…”I would much rather have a representative who has seniority and is able to operate within the Albany system to bring RECORD amounts of financial aid for the Second Poorest City in the Country.” Sure reads like your giving Sam all the credit for that aid. ‘Cuz, after all, you said yourself that his urban district has done better than anywhere in the country. So the representatives of the rest of urban Buffalo pale by comparison. So, it must have been Sam who is responsible for Buffalo’s record aid.

    You “do not believe one person can make a meaningful change.” OK. I don’t think that is the standard I am holding Sam or any other legislator or candidate to. I believe I suggested, however, that real leadership on Sam’s part would at least have him try. You know the old saying about even the longest journey starting with a single step?

    Please understand that I have nothing personal against Sam. My list of Failboat Albany crew members who should find other employement is long and varied. I just can’t see him as the beacon of light in an otherwise dark chamber. Your support of the status quo is why nothing ever changes in Albany. “Albany sucks, but not my legislator.” Perhaps the single biggest reason why incumbents win re-election so frequently and stay in the state legislature so long. And, if nothing changes in Albany, Buffalo will always need “record amounts of state aid.” And Elmwood/Hertel will always be just marginally better than Jefferson/Bailey. And the city will always been near the bottom of the poorest cities list.

    You might want to take your lips from Sam’s ass and watch a little Sesame Street with me. You could use some of the “self esteem bullshit.”

    And, yes, I know where Broadway/Fillmore is…within the same struggling city as Elmwood/Hertel. I’m sorry, are Sam’s interests solely focused on his little slice of heaven? Did the “record aid” he bring to town only go to A-144? Are the reforms you claim he brought or is bringing just for the citizens of his district? Asshat.

  20. steve August 21, 2008 at 3:08 pm #

    Oh, Mike? We could argue the value of Sam’s IDA reform legislation for days, but for now I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. But the question was, what has Sam done to reform Albany. IDA legislation, good or not, reforms IDAs, not the functioning (or lack thereof) of our state government.

  21. Mike August 21, 2008 at 4:09 pm #

    Steve Casey?

    What i am saying is that if you are going to replace a legislator, do so for the right reasons…mainly that the other candidate has differet views! Sam Hoyt and Barbara Kavanaugh are virtually the SAME when it comes to the ISSUES! They are both progressive Democrats that support social programs, gay marriage, choice for women, etc, etc, etc. Why take somebody with clout and seniority and replace them with somebody that has none? Thats just stupid..If you are going to get the same laws written by Barbara Kavanaugh that you would have with Sam Hoyt, why do so and not have the seniority?

    What has Barbara Kavanaugh done to reform Albany? She worked for the AG’s office, no? Did she fight corruption? Prosecute corrupt politicians? Go after waste and abuse in State contracts? no, no, and no…she put in her time and got a 6 figure job as a law clerk (the easiest job a lawyer can hope for)

    And WHY is this “scandal” popping up now? Because Byron Brown and Steve Casey are using a convicted bank robber to do the dirty work for their handpicked candidate…

    Did not Rus Thompson (Sam’s previous opponent) use these EXACT same claims against him 2 years ago? this is the worst kind of politics…dont talk about the issues, talk about sex…

  22. steve August 21, 2008 at 4:42 pm #

    Again, I’m a “steve” but not Steve Casey? You do understand that, yes?

    You’ll forgive me if I don’t take your word for it that Sam Hoyt and Barbra Kavanaugh are some sort of seperated-at-birth, two-bodies-but-one-mind, no-difference-whatsoever anomoly.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I can’t vote for either of them because: a. I’m not a registered Dem and, b: I don’t live in A-144.

    I have an interest, though, because I know something about both of them and, more importantly, I tend to view district matters as only part of the job of a state legislator. So, what Sam Hoyt does or doesn’t do in Albany affects me, even though I don’t live in his district.

    Or does this disqualify me from having and expressing an opinion?

  23. Bill Altreuter August 21, 2008 at 5:37 pm #

    I’m disappointed by this whole sorry mess. Hoyt has been a capable legislator. He has taken sometimes quixotic stands against the Albany culture– (he was part of the group that tried to push Silver out of his perch, for example), and he has been generally reform minded. I hate the fact that apparently the only way to leave the Assembly is feet first, but he has never cast a vote or taken a position that made me want to vote him out.

    This looks like politics by character assassination to me, and it makes me sad that Barbara Kavanaugh, who I also like, seems to be caught up in it. I doubt that she is directly involved– although I wouldn’t put it past Shelly Silver– but now she appears complicit. That’s a shame.

    This kind of sleaziness really serves no-one. It is possible that there are governance reasons to vote for one or the other of these candidates, but whatever those reasons might have been are never going to be heard now. Politics ain’t beanbag, but it takes a particular kind of cynical, corrupt mind to turn an election campaign over an office that is this important into this kind of a sleaze-fest.

  24. Greg August 21, 2008 at 5:53 pm #

    a WBEN talk show host complaining about blogs saying they have no rules
    that’s funny. I’m 99% sure of heard some really outrageous claims made against people on the various wben shows inlcuding sandy’s

  25. Greg August 21, 2008 at 5:55 pm #

    I really need to proof read more
    the “of” after sure should be “I’ve”

  26. 1776 August 21, 2008 at 7:40 pm #

    Bill Altreuter, I agree with almost everything you say in your post. However, I will put out there that Steve Pigeon, who has had long-standing hatred of Sam (largely because Sam actually thought for himself when Pigeon was EC Dems chair–even tried to kick Pigeon out and replace him with Dave Swarts if I remember correctly), is the most likely culprit behind these “leaked e-mails” and this whole ugly character assassination. Pigeon might be the most unethical political figure in New York State, and that is saying something. Pigeon is a big Kavanaugh supporter, and is now controlling Golisano’s powerful purse strings. Golisano’s PAC and Kavanaugh both have prominent ads on Illuzzi’s site, and Illuzzi endorsed Kavanaugh weeks ago. I want to know if Golisano knows that his money has been used for Illuzzi’s site, and what he thinks of the possibility that he helped fun this scandal-mongering nonsense. Barbra’s rebuttal on WBEN was laughable to the point of ridiculousness (it sounded an awful lot to me like she accused Sam of “creating” this issue–because every candidate wants to be strung up in the court of public opinion three weeks before a major election day). I am curious about Golisano’s take on all of this. Golisano calls himself a reformer who wants to change the way Albany operates. Funny that he has been mum on what has got to be one of the starkest examples of dirty tricks in recent memory, considering that he is financing at least one of the people who orchestrated it (Illuzzi for sure, possibly others??).

  27. 1776 August 21, 2008 at 8:18 pm #

    Oh, I guess Golisano HAS spoken. The Daily Politics, which is the political blog for the New York Daily News, is posting that Golisano’s PAC is going to endorse Kavanaugh and that Sam’s “personal life” will be an issue in the campaign. Steve Pigeon’s quotes are brutal, and prove what a soulless creep he really is:

  28. Insert Clever Pseudonym August 22, 2008 at 10:03 am #

    The Albany Times Union digs into Illuzzi’s operation a bit here.

  29. Brian August 22, 2008 at 11:15 am #

    I wonder if Sam Hoyt will use Kavanaugh’s “personal issues” in the campaign. I bet the older voters in Black Rock and the West Side would not vote for Barbra Kavanaugh knowing that she was a lesbian. I seriously doubt Sam would ever do that because he has class…something her and Steve Pigeon obviously lack.

  30. Sams Schoolmate August 22, 2008 at 2:51 pm #

    I find this whole Sammy scandal pretty amusing and not the least bit surprising. I went to high school with Sammy boy and our families have known each other for many many decades. I have to admit, out of his generation I liked his siblings a lot more than I liked him. Back in high school I didn’t think much of Sam’s character and in my limited contact with him over the past ten years, that opinion hasn’t changed. I find the mention of Sam being a “kindhearted, good person” humorous. In my opinion, he has always been shallow, opportunistic, hypocritical and more than willing to kick someone who is down when he felt it would advance his own cause.

    As for BP’s colorful “too drunk to f*ck” Mike Cole moniker, I was at one time quite close to a couple of people who once found a certain embattled state Assemblyman passed out and stripped to his tighty-whiteys in the Delaware Park meadow, in the wee hours of the pre-dawn morn. Apparently after some heavy drinking earlier at the Park Meadow bar, he had failed to perform as advertised during an impromptu liaison out in the adjacent park meadow. The miffed lass obviously was incensed to the point that she sought revenge by leaving our hero in the park, in a drunken stupor, after taking the poor fool’s clothes. He’s damned lucky that was well before the days of cell phone videos!

  31. Floorguy August 22, 2008 at 4:04 pm #

    “”In my opinion, unless the women were interns at the time of their affair with Hoyt, there’s nothing to see here. If they were both adults, the affairs were consensual, and he had no power or authority over them, then it’s a personal matter between Hoyt and his family and shouldn’t be fodder for chatter.””

    A lot of times I would absolutely agree with this opinion.

    However, in this case, Hoyt’s actions and subsequent emails are so idiotic, so stupid and so immature, they call into question the basic ability to use common sense.

    I was a big supporter of Spitzer. Let’s assume there was absolutely no illegality in that case. Spitzers actions would still be deemed as so stupid and irrational that his very ability is called into question and his ability to continue to do his job was justifiably compromised.

    I do not think Hoyt did anything illegal- I think that any pursuit along thoses lines should be discontinued.

    BUT —- I do think that Hoyt has unfortunately gone way over the line as to what could only be considered stupid and incredibly immature behavior.

    Why anybody would want this guy to represent them is beyond me. I say: NEXT!


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