They Come Out of Piñatas?

30 Jul

Quite possibly the best caption ever. Thanks, Roll Call.

One Response to “They Come Out of Piñatas?”

  1. Hank July 30, 2010 at 9:14 am #

    Both sides have their lunatic fringe kooks. Randall Terry is one of them. He tried to bail out the kid he incited to shoot up abortion clinics in MA and Norfolk, VA. I booked the kid in myself, and once he was processed the first person he wanted to call was Randall Terry. However the Magistrate decided not to give him bail.

    It’s certainly OK to have an opinion on the legality of abortion. Since men can’t bear children, I felt it was an issue not for me to decide on. Until we get a pink message slip from the Almighty, I think it best that each woman tend her own garden. Each person will get to answer for the decisions they make in life. Of course if you’re a Godless heathen, you don’t believe in final judgement. That would make the decision easier.
    Just PLEASE don’t blame the right for Randall Terry and his ilk. In many cases abortion rights are the only thing these people have in common with the right, and the extreme they take it to results in deaths of innocents also—-so they’re pretty hypocritical.

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