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5 Oct

1. President Obama is closer philosophically to Ronald Reagan than 99% of the people who contemporarily self-identify as “Reagan Republicans”.


2. A new food truck will be setting up in western New York in the Spring. Miss Cheesious grilled cheese truck:

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3. As of this writing, the Buffalo News’ Bob McCarthy has yet to apologize for, retract, or correct his libel directed at Chris Smith and the other bloggers at WNYMedia.net. This makes him an unscrupulous thug.

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4.  NOM, also known as “National Organization for Marriage”, which omits its patent homophobia from its name and its acronym, has targeted State Senator Mark Grisanti for something “next”.

The National Organization for Marriage has a lot of gall coming to this community, making idle billboarded threats directed at one of the few politicians in this region who has integrity, guts, and intelligence. Bring it.

5. Maybe Michele Bachmann is worth a second look?


NOM Targets Grisanti, Voters Think Differently

15 Aug

An extremist religious political sect, which misleadingly calls itself the “National Organization for Marriage“, is sending out lying mailings to voters in the 60th state Senate district. Apart from containing hatred and lies, the mailers ask people to send ready-made postcards to Senator Mark Grisanti, threatening to punish him at the polls for his vote to legalize same-sex marriage.

Some voters in the overwhelmingly Democratic district are choosing instead to send modified versions of NOM’s postcard to Senator Grisanti. This appeared in my Facebook feed on Saturday:

NOM Compares Grisanti to Benedict Arnold

20 Jul

Here’s the mailer:


Benedict Arnold betrayed the United States during the Revolutionary War, which is obviously exactly like voting in favor of loving couples being able to marry. Given that Grisanti represents a largely Democratic district, and that he’s had a big influx of money from supporters of same-sex marriage, the best thing for Grisanti to do at this point is to return NOM’s dirty hate money.  Furthermore, sources close to Grisanti say that whatever support or money he received from NOM was in 2008, not 2010. NOM is a bucket of hate fail and should save its money.  This is New York, not Mississippi.